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Bannerman Castle: A Collaborative Effort Towards Preservation

On Pollepel island, just 60 miles north of New York City, sits Bannerman castle. This crumbling edifice is accessible to the public through scheduled tours, and hosts events on the island. There is much that goes into preserving such a location, and that is where the Bannerman Castle Trust Inc. comes into play.

The Deteriorating Ruins of Soviet Might: Hara Submarine Base, Estonia

Resting against the deep azure waters of the Gulf of Finland, the Hara Submarine Base slowly crumbles, as the gentle waters lap against its concrete foundations, eroding away a little bit of cement with each passing wave. Today, these monolithic structures jut out of the cold waters of this gulf as a reminder of Soviet […]

The Wolf’s Lair: The Crumbling Remains of Hitler’s Stronghold in Poland

Tom and I sat in the Vilnius airport, staring at the small screen on my iPhone, as Safari sluggishly loaded a map from our location to Gierloz, Poland. After idle conversation, the map eventually informed us of our journey, and we were pleased to find that only 150 miles, and no more than three hours […]