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There is beauty in the chaos of destruction

I am not sure what really draws me to destruction. I seem to follow it like a dog sniffing the air, following behind a hotdog cart rolling down the street. Whether it is in my job, or my explorations, I seem to gravitate to the ruins of generations past. This type of exploration has many names; […]

Forgotten Rails to Bar Harbor

If you travel east out of Ellsworth on Route One, you will eventually reach the small somnolent town of Hancock. This forested tract of land boasts a population of just under 2400 residents, with a large point that is embraced by the emerald waters of the cold Atlantic. With a host of bays, coves, points, and peninsulas, […]

Portland, Maine: The First…the Original…the Forest City

Tomorrow the winter solstice will be upon us, and if you are anything like my wife, you are ecstatic for this natural occurrence to begin and then pass. Although the solstice marks the possibility of bleak weather, which can, at times, seem to stretch on forever with no end in sight, it marks something positive and significant […]

Vacationland: Maine and the Iconic Summer Rental

Maine’s iconic nickname, “Vacationland,” has always conjured images of the mass migration of leisure hungry tourists, mad and ravenous for the pine scented forests and picturesque lakes, quiet in their solitude,  a lone loon baying off in the distance, its haunting call echoing off the fir lined shores, silhouetted against the stygian night sky, a velvet curtain […]