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A Blue Ribbon Tour: The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Past Blue Ribbon Beer (PBR) has seen increased popularity over the last ten years. With Generation X and Millennial populations consuming this beer in unprecedented numbers, this beer has become a staple again in bars and icy coolers wherever beer is sold. The iconic blue ribbon, so recognizable to us, is probably reminiscent of our […]

Tres Brooklyn: Williamsburg, the Epicenter of Cool

When I decided to switch my master’s thesis from 19th century Whaling on Nantucket to the current hipster movement, I have to admit I was a little behind on the research. I had spent three years of my American and New England Studies master’s program preparing myself to tackle the topic of the whaling industry […]

Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Hip Seaport of New England

It is a brilliant crisp autumn day. The clouds linger overhead, moving without purpose, a slow jaunt across the cerulean sky. They billow like cotton balls taped to a child’s diorama. Leaves still cling to the trees late in the year, and they have just began their transformation into the brilliant fireworks show which explodes […]