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There is beauty in the chaos of destruction

I am not sure what really draws me to destruction. I seem to follow it like a dog sniffing the air, following behind a hotdog cart rolling down the street. Whether it is in my job, or my explorations, I seem to gravitate to the ruins of generations past. This type of exploration has many names; […]

Streets of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, overrun by trolls!

Wisconsin. Just one of those states you never really think to visit. It’s not as if you pile the family in the car yelling, “hey kids, guess where we’re going! Wisconsin!” Affectionately known as the badger state, its one of those states that when you step foot across the border, you end up gaining five pounds. A […]

Turners Falls, Massachusetts: A Respite from Everyday Life

Autumn is coming to a close with Halloween and Thanksgiving now far behind us, and Christmas slowly creeping up on us with all its tinsel and flashing lights. As Winter remains hidden, ready to pop out at any moment, we still have time to explore during this lingering season. With the temperate weather still breathing life into […]

Raganu Kalnas: The Hill of Witches

Halfway down the Curonian Spit, on the Lithuanian side, sits a densely wood pine forest which holds many secrets deep inside its shaded borders. As needle and pine cone litter the wooded paths, so to do the intricately hand-carved statues of beasts and nymphs, gnomes and ogres, dragons and witches, kings and queens, that stand […]